Build your autonomous vehicles in LEGO-like approach

Building autonomous vehicles is not that much different from building LEGOs — at PerceptIn, we have simplified autonomous vehicle designs and modularized the components, such that developers can simply integrate components to build their own autonomous vehicles.

What are the benefits of modular design?

  • Dramatically shorten the time to market
  • Reduce overall construction costs and part maintenance complexities
  • Build up customized products to meet unique user needs
  • Modify or replace modules without changing anything else on the product

  • DragonFly Pod

    DragonFly Pod, a safe and reliable self- driving pod, fulfill passenger's last-mile task by adapting latest computer vision technology. It is design to self-drive in low-speed scenarios, such as university campuses, industrial parks, and areas with limited traffic.

    * Customization service is available upon request.

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  • Two-seats

  • - Large space and comfortable

  • Restricted Area

  • - Operate within park, campus etc.

  • Low Speed

  • - <20 miles/h

  • Equipped with sensitive sensor module

  • - 1 DragonFly Sensor Module + 1 Sonar +1 GPS + 1Millimeters Wave Radar

    Typical Applications

    DragonFly Exploration Vehicle

    DragonFly Exploration Vehicle is a solution to provide smart operation in extreme working conditions and harsh environment. It is a self-driving autonomous vehicle applied in the scenarios of limited or restricted access. Through the equipped camera, people can get the on-site real-time information, which can protect them from dangerous and toxic working environment.

    * Customization service is available upon request.

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  • Water-proof
  • Shock-proof
  • Vision-based sensor fusion
  • Modular design
  • Safe, reliable and affordable
  • Typical Applications