Camera Link

Camera Link is a serial communication protocol standard for computer vision applications and relevant products including cameras, framegrabber cards and cables. It defines a complete interface which includes provisions for data transfer, camera timing, serial communications, and real time signaling to the camera. This interface boasts strengths like high bandwidth which assures transfer of files with no latency issues and easy product interoperability as compliant cameras and frame grabbers can easily be interchanged using the same cable.



The new Gazelle series of Camera Link cameras delivers an unsurpassed combination of size, speed, and price. The Gazelle is based on the same compact form factor as the popular Grasshopper camera and is designed to accommodate a large selection of high resolution, high frame rate image sensors. The Camera Link Base, Full (640 MByte/s) configurations allows the CMOS image sensors from CMOSIS to run at 2 MP at 280 FPS and 4 MP at 150 FPS.

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