Ultra High Resolution Cameras

Vieworks is creating innovative, alternative signal processing technologies to deliver advanced imaging solutions, ease of operation and simple installation, giving professionals the most valued and high-quality diagnostic images. Vieworks is also cooperating and providing main components for a full range of advanced digital imaging process systems to major medical systems companies on the basis of OEM.

High Speed CMOS Cameras

VC Series is high-resolution and high speed CMOS digital cameras for machine vision. Equipped with the latest global shutter CMOS image sensor technology available today, these cameras offer not only high-speed image processing capabilities but also precise exposure control. Furthermore, its outstanding … Continue reading

Pixel Shifting Cameras

VN Series pixel shift cameras, named a finalist in the Prism Awards sponsored by SPIE and Photonics Media, are designed for applications where extremely high resolution is required. Vieworks advanced pixel shift technology based on a precise piezoelectric stage allows … Continue reading

Thermoelectric Cooled Cameras

VP Series cameras are thermoelectric Peltier (TEC) cooled high performance digital cameras. These cameras use cooling technology developed for, and used by, many demanding medical market customers. The TEC maintains the operating temperature of the CCD at up to 20 … Continue reading

Pixel Shifting Camera with TEC Integrated

VNP Series, pixel shift camera equipped with thermo-electric Peltier (TEC) cooled, is designed not only for applications where extremely high resolution is required but also where high image quality is essential. The TEC maintains the operating temperature of the CCD … Continue reading

Aerial Imaging/Surveillance Cameras

VX Series cameras are made for Aerial Imaging and High-end Surveillance applications which require highest attention to detail. The camera incorporates an interline transfer CCD with resolution of 6,576×4,384 providing not only auto exposure, gain and iris controls but also … Continue reading

High Sensitivity TDI Line Scan Cameras

VT series, Vieworks’ Time Delayed Integration line scan cameras, is designed for applications where faster line rates and higher sensitivity are critical. Vieworks’ advanced TDI line scan technology based on the outstanding hybrid imaging sensors allows image captures as fast … Continue reading

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