Framegrabber Cards

Voltrium Systems is proud to represent BitFlow in the Southeast Asia region.

BitFlow has a frame grabber model for almost every camera manufactured. Whether your camera is Camera Link, Differential (LVDS or RS422) or even analog, BitFlow can provide the interface. At the high end is the Karbon-CL, which is a quad Base CL frame grabber that can take in up to 160 bits at 85 MHz, and DMA at speeds of up to 2.0 GB/S. At the affordable end is the R3-CL and R3-Dif, which handle single cameras on the traditional PCI bus. Looking for a PMC solution, check out the R3-CL-PMC, which brings Camera Link into the PMC world. BitFlow products support all cameras: differential (LVDS/RS422), Camera Link (Base, Medium, Full, and 10-tap) as well as all analog (progressive scan, NTSC/PAL, RS170/CCIR, and most custom formats).

Using Multiple Cameras?

BitFlow has frame grabbers that can support up to four independent cameras, even mix/match cameras on the same frame grabber. Every camera gets its own triggers, encoders and general purpose I/O.

Need PoCL?

BitFlow’s new Neon-CL supports the Power over Camera Link standard (PoCL). PoCL is the new small footprint method for powering high speed digital cameras with a single cable.

Need PCI Express?

All of BitFlow’s current frame grabber families are available for the PCI Express bus

Order Information

One single link CXP-6 camera
PCIe x2 Gen2s
Axion-CL AXN-PC2-CL-2xE
Two base/medium/full/80-bit cameras
PoCL on both connectors for both cameras

One base/medium/full/80-bit cameras
PoCL on both connectors

Four single link CXP-6 cameras
Two Dual link CXP-6 cameras
One Quad link CXP-6 camera

Two single link CXP-6 cameras
One Dual link CXP-6 cameras

One CL base camera
PoCL with Safe Power
x4 PCI Express
CL and I/O on edge bracket

Two CL base camera
Supports both PoCL and non-PoCL cameras
PoCL with Safe Power
x4 PCI Express

Four CL base camera
Supports both PoCL and non-PoCL cameras
PoCL with Safe Power
x4 PCI Express

One or two independent base CL cameras

One base, medium or full CL camera

Up to four independent base CL cameras

Up to two independent base, medium or full CL cameras

One 80-bit 85 MHz camera

R3 universal PCI Base Camera Link
One tap cameras up to 24 bits


3rd-Party Software Development

Using ImageWarp?

ImageWarp can acquire directly from all of BitFlow’s frame grabbers. BitFlow also supports changing camera files, triggering modes and much more directly from the GUI.


MVTec’s HALCON is a powerful machine vision environment. All of BitFlow’s frame grabbers are supported. Our driver has many custom modes and parameters that let HALCON users take full advantage of our board’s capabilities

Using LabView?

LabView is a enormous graphical programming environment. BitFlow’s boards are available as Virtual Instruments (VI) that let you connect them right up to your image processing algorithms.