Telecentric Illuminator

New large collimated light illumination which only the leading manufacturer in machine vision can develop. This illuminator makes a perfect combination with MORITEX MML Series (lenses) in precision image processing applications.

MTI Series


  • High performance parallel light back light
  • 45mm effective emission diameter
  • Available in two colors: green and white
Model Name Color Lighting Area (fmm) WD (mm) Length (mm)* Outer diam. (mm) Weight (kg)
MTI-45-CG-070 Green 45 115 148.4 65 0.4
MTI-45-CW-070 White 45 115 156.4 65 0.4

*Lens tube length includes LED illumination unit, and adjustable length allowance is 12.5mm maximum depends on LED Inspection data provided for every lens.


Designed to provide the best collimated light performance possible over a large field of view, the MTI-78 has a flexible design allowing it to be coupled with the various coaxial lights in our LED portfolio.

  • Realizes illumination uniformity within an area of 78 mm in diameter, at 110 mm WD.
  • Intensity and divergent ray can be adjusted by the variable iris of the lens.
Model Name Lighting Area WD (mm)
MTI-78 φ78 110