Plasma Systems

Voltrium Systems is proud to represent Diener Electronic in the South East Asia Region for their quality plasma systems.

Since 1993 Diener electronic of Nagold, Germany has been producing high quality, low cost plasma systems, both low pressure and atmospheric. Receiving worldwide acceptance, these plasma surface treatment systems have found applications in the electronic, plastic, and medical fields.

In the electronics industry low pressure plasma is commonly used for cleaning of wire bonding pads prior to bonding. The plasma cleaner produces a much stronger, more reliable bond. Also lead frame strips may be cleaned prior to die bonding producing a strong homogeneous bond for improved thermal characteristics. Plasma cleaners can also be used as “ashers” to remove photoresist from semiconductor wafers.

The plastics and adhesive industry finds wide application for surface activation using both low pressure and atmospheric plasma. Since plastic surfaces are typically hydrophobic, plasma machines can be used to “roughen up” the surface and make it more hydrophilic so that plastics can be painted or coated, and also so that they can be glued or bonded together reliably. Many automotive manufacturers use plasma surface activation to treat plastic parts prior to painting or glueing.

The medical manufacturing community uses plasma systems for surface activation and also coating. In a typical application the surface of catheters are treated prior to ink marking, providing a good surface for ink adherence. Catheters may also be coated with a polymer-like material that makes the interior hydrophobic for better liquid flow characteristics and less prone to infection. Surface activation prior to gluing parts together is also a common application. This pretreatment assures a solid and reliable bond.

Diener electronic produces a wide selection of both low pressure and atmospheric plasma surface activation machines, the smallest machine being the Femto that provides an economical laboratory scale machine and can be purchased for less than $8500 including the vacuum pump. Very large production machines for processing large or high volume parts are also available.

The PlasmaBeam, an atmospheric plasma machine, produces a plasma “flame” that emanates from a small plasma pen that can be held manually or manipulated robotically. This machine can find application in many industries where the use of a vacuum chamber is not desireable. This unit is very versatile and can be operated with compressed air, nitrogen, or oxygen. This unit is a very affordable solution to many cleaning and surface activation problems.

Our Products

  1. Laboratory and small series systems
    • Approx. 2,6 liter chamber volume (Zepto)
    • Approx. 10 liter chamber volume (Atto)
    • Approx. 2 liter chamber volume (Femto)
    • Approx. 5 liter chamber volume (Pico)
    • Approx. 24 liter chamber volume (Nano)
  2. Production systems
    • Approx. 34 liter chamber volume (Tetra-30)
    • Approx. 50 liter chamber volume (Tetra-50)
    • Approx. 100 liter chamber volume (Tetra-100)
    • Approx. 240 liter chamber volume (Tetra-240)
    • Approx. 400 liter chamber volume (Tetra-400)
    • Approx. 600 liter chamber volume (Tetra-600)
    • Approx. 1 200 liter chamber volume (Tetra-1200)
    • Approx. 2 400 liter chamber volume (Tetra-2400)
    • Approx. 5 000 liter chamber volume (Tetra-5000)
    • Approx. 12 600 liter chamber volume (Tetra-12600)
    • Special systems in intermediate sizes/ special sizes can be produced on request.
  3. Atmospheric plasma
    • PlasmaBeam
  4. HF generators
    • HF generator for producing plasma (40 kHz)

Areas of Application

The main areas of application for low-pressure plasma technology are the pretreatment and coating of various materials.

  1. This is used in the following areas:
    • Automotive
    • Analysis
    • Biotechnology
    • Electronics
    • Elastomer technology
    • Electron microscopy
    • Medical technology
    • Microsystem technology
    • Plastics technology
    • Precision mechanics
    • Research
    • Semi-conductor technology
    • Solar cell technology
    • Textile technology
  2. This involves the:
    • cleaning
    • activating
    • etching
    • plasmapolymerization
    • of surfaces
  3. Plasma treatment enables surfaces to be modified:
    • Pretreatment prior to painting Pretreatment prior to pouring
    • Pretreatment prior to gluing Pretreatment prior to extruding
    • Hydrophilization Asbestos analysis
    • Hydrophobization Pretreatment prior to molding
    • Oleophobization Powder treatment
    • Pretreatment prior to bonding Photosensitive resist incineration
    • Pretreatment prior to welding Degreasing


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