As a provider of machine vision components, Voltrium Systems also provides a wide range of filters such as bandpass, dual bandpass, longpass, shortpass/nir cut, polarizing, neutral density, protective, color balancing.

Midwest Optical Systems (MidOpt) is the world’s leading resource for off-the-shelf and custom machine vision filters, lenses and accessories used in industrial imaging applications. Security, surveillance, scientific, medical and other markets are also served.

Image quality begins with MidOpt filters (Made in the USA), our team and global distribution network can help solve problems and service your needs quickly. MidOpt has an extensive history in optical component design, fabrication and inspection, and continues to develop innovative new products for industrial vision and CCTV end users.

Bandpass Filters

Bandpass Filters are the simplest, quickest and most cost-effective way to improve the image contrast, repeatability, and long term stability of any industrial vision system.

Model Description Useful Range
BP635 Light Red Bandpass Filter 610-650nm
BP660 Dark Red Bandpass Filter 640-680nm
BP470 Blue Bandpass Filter 425-495nm
BN650 Narrow Red Bandpass Filter 638-672nm
BN940 Narrow Near-IR Bandpass Filter 920-955nm
Bi405 Blue Interference Bandpass Filter 390-410nm
Bi660 Dark Red Interference Bandpass Filter 650-665nm


Dual Bandpass Filters

Dual Bandpass Filters are ideal for applications that use a color camera during the day and IR illumination at night – ensuring that clear, accurate images are acquired under all lighting conditions.

Model Description Useful Range
DB475/850 Dual Bandpass Filter Visible Blue + NIR 455-495nm, 830-875nm
DB660/850 Dual Bandpass Filter Visible Red + NIR 645-675nm, 830-870nm
DB735 Dual Bandpass Filter Visible + 735nm NIR 405-645nm, 725-755nm
DB850 Dual Bandpass Filter Visible + 850nm NIR 405-645nm, 835-875nm
DB940 Dual Bandpass Filter Visible + 940nm NIR 405-650nm, 925-965nm


Longpass Filters

Longpass filters let longer visible and/or infrared wavelengths pass while blocking shorter wavelengths of light. Mainly for use in monochrome (black and white) imaging applications, they can help to improve contrast, resolution and separate colors while maximizing brightness of surroundings in the vicinity of the subject under inspection or surveillance.

Model Description Useful Range
LP285 High Trans. Heat Resistant VIS-NIR A/R Protective Window 385-1100nm
LP390 UV Absorbing Protective Window 420-1100nm
LP500 Yellow Longpass Filter 510-1100nm
LP590 Red Longpass Filter 605-1100nm
LP800 Near-IR Longpass Filter 820-1100nm


Shortpass / NIR Cut Filters

Shortpass filters are useful for improving contrast, resolution and separating colors in black and white or color applications.

Model Description Useful Range
SP510 Blue Shortpass Filter 340-500nm
SP585 Cyan Shortpass Filter 395-575nm
SP625 Blue-Orange Shortpass Filter 425-620nm
SP650 Near-IR/Mid-Red Dichroic Block Shortpass Filter 400-640nm
SP785 Modified Near-IR Dichroic Block Shortpass Filter 425-770nm


Polarizing Filters

Polarizing filters reduce unwanted reflection or specular glare and can also be used to check stress patterns in transparent glass and plastic.

Model Description Useful Range
PS007 High Contrast Linear Polarizer Film .007″ thk 400-700nm
PS030 Ultra High Contrast Linear Polarizer Film .030″ thk 400-700nm
PG120 Ultra High Contrast Glass Linear Polarizer Sheet 400-700nm
PR120 Ultra High Contrast Linear Polarizer 400-700nm


Neutral Density Filters

Sunglasses for your system, ND filters reduce light intensity without affecting apparent color. They also allow for longer exposure times and reduced depth of field by using a wider iris opening, thus improving the separation of subject matter from background information.

Model Description Useful Range
ND060 Neutral Density Filter – Absorptive 25% Transmission 425-675nm
ND300 Neutral Density Filter – Absorptive 0.1% Transmission 425-675nm
Ni030 Neutral Density Filter – Low Reflectivity 50% Transmission 400-1100nm
Ni120 Neutral Density Filter – Low Reflectivity 6.25% Transmission 400-1100nm


Protective Filters

Available in glass or acrylic substrates, protective filters shield lenses and lighting from impact, dust and harsh environments – while blocking shorter UV wavelengths.

Model Description Useful Range
LP285 High Trans. Heat Resistant VIS-NIR A/R Protective Window 385-1100nm
LP390 UV Absorbing Protective Window 420-1100nm
AC685 Acrylic NIR Longpass Filter 710-1100nm


Color Balancing Filters

Corrects apparent color and contrast introduced by artificial white lighting, restoring natural colors. Used to modify the color balance in LED, fluorescent, halogen, metal halide, tungsten, and other white lighting, making colors appear more natural.

Model Description Useful Range
LA080 Color Balancing Filter (Minus Blue) 400-700nm
LA120 Color Balancing Filter (Minus Blue) 400-700nm
LB080 Color Balancing Filter (Minus Red) 400-700nm
LB120 Color Balancing Filter (Minus Red) 400-700nm