Pika IR-L

925 – 1700 nm
Line Scan Hyperspectral Camera

Pika IR-L

The Pika IR-L is a line-scan hyperspectral camera that covers the near-infrared spectral range (925 – 1700 nm). The Pika IR-L is a high-speed, light-weight, cost-effective infrared imager, ideal for remote sensing applications. It can be used with any of Resonon’s benchtop, outdoor and airborne systems, standalone with our software development kit, and integrated into machine vision systems.

Spectral Response

Actual Data

Pika IR-L Spectral Response and Actual Data

Spectral Range (nm) 925 – 1700
Spectral Channels 236
Spectral Bandwidth (nm) 3.3
Spectral Resolution – FWHM (nm) 5.9
Spatial Pixels Per Line 320
f/# 1.8
Interface GigE
Dimensions (mm) 210 x 68 x 63
Weight, w/lens (kg) 1.01