Pika NIR-640

900 – 1700 nm
High-Precision Infrared Hyperspectral Camera

Pika NIR-640

The Pika NIR-640 hyperspectral camera is Resonon’s high-precision Near Infrared (NIR) imager covering the 900 – 1700 nm spectral range. It has superior image quality with higher spatial and spectral resolutions than the Pika NIR-320 hyperspectral camera.

The Pika NIR-640 is ideal for researchers who need high-precision infrared data. 

The Pika NIR-640 can be used with any of Resonon’s laboratory, outdoor, and remote sensing hyperspectral imaging systems. 

All Resonon’s hyperspectral cameras, including the Pika NIR-640, use a pushbroom (i.e. line-scan) approach to imaging.

Spectral Range 900 – 1700
Spectral Channels 328
Spectral Sampling (nm) 2.5
Spectral Resolution – FWHM (nm) 5.3
Spatial Pixels 640
Max Frame Rate (fps) 249
f/# 1.8
Interface GigE
Dimensions (cm) 27.0 x 11.4 x 8.9
Weight, w/lens (kg) 3.21