Hyperspectral Imagers

Voltrium Systems is proud to represent Resonon. Resonon provides the industry’s most affordable and easy-to-use hyperspectral imaging systems for laboratory, outdoor, industrial, and remote sensing applications.

Resonon hyperspectral imaging cameras are high-precision, easy to use, lightweight, compact, and affordable, with excellent image quality.

Hyperspectral Cameras
Hyperspectral Imaging Cameras: Spanning 350 – 1700 nm spectral range

    Resonon’s hyperspectral imaging cameras are affordable, lightweight, and compact. They are easy to use, have extremely low stray light, low distortions, high SNR, and excellent image quality.

Hyperspectral Machine Vision Systems
For automated sorting and quality control applications

    Resonon’s hyperspectral machine vision systems enable automated sorting by detecting very small differences in similarly colored materials that cannot be distinguished with conventional imaging technologies.

Benchtop Systems
Fully integrated systems for laboratory use

    Fully integrated hyperspectral imaging systems for laboratory and industrial use.
    Includes hyperspectral imaging camera, stage, lighting, controlling computer,and data acquisition and analysis software.

Outdoor Field Systems
Tripod-mounted systems for outdoor field use

    Tripod-mounted rotational scanning hyperspectal imaging systems for outdoor field use.
    Includes hyperspectral imaging camera, tripod with laptop tray, rotational scanning stage, power supply, and controlling computer with data acquisition and analysis software.

Airborne Systems
Airborne systems for remote sensing applications

    Hyperspectral remote sensing systems for UAVs and manned aircraft

Hyperspectral Imaging Accessories

  • Objective Lenses
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Rotational Stage
  • Linear Scanning Stage
  • Linear Scanning Stage with Tower