Pika XC2

High-performance Hyperspectral Imaging Camera
Lightweight, affordable hyperspectral imaging cameras

    The Pika XC2 is Resonon’s highest performance VNIR hyperspectral imaging camera. Due to it’s advanced optical design, the Pika XC2 produces extremely sharp images.

    The Pika XC2 has a higher spatial and spectral resolutions than the Pika L with enhanced response in the blue wavelengths. Excellent temperature stability.


Spectral Range 400 – 1000 nm
Spectral Resolution 1.3 nm
Spectral Channels 447
Dispersion per Pixel = Spectral Sampling 0.67 nm
Spectral Pixels 894
Spatial Channels 1600
Max Frame Rate 165 fps
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (peak) 366 (2x bin) to 518 (4x bin)
Bit Depth 12
Connection Options USB 3.0
Power Requirements 3.4 W
Weight 4.9 lbs, 2.2 kgs
Dimensions (in) 4.0 x 10.8 x 2.9
Dimensions (cm) 10.1 x 27.5 x 7.4
Temperature Range 41-104 F, 5-40 C
f / # f / 2.4
Avg. RMS Spot Radius 6 µm
Smile (peak to peak) 2 µm
Keystone (peak to peak) 5 µm
Pixel size 5.86 µm