Hyperspectral Machine Vision

Resonon’s hyperspectral machine vision systems enable automated sorting by detecting very small differences in similarly colored materials that cannot be distinguished with conventional imaging technologies.

Sorting applications include food, raw materials, and finished goods.

Resonon’s easy-to-use vision software analyzes hyperspectral information in real-time and provides commands to down-stream robots and actuators.


Capabilities under typical working conditions

Belt speeds
Up to 1 meter per second

Spatial resolution
Minimum particle diameter 0.4 mm
Robot Arms
Air Jets
Industrial Printers
Data logging


Hyperspectral Camera Options

Model Spectral Range Spectral Channels Spatial Channels Max Frame Rate

Pika L

400-1000 nm 281 900 249

Pika NIR

900-1700 nm 164 320 520