Forge 5GigE

The Forge is based on an all-new camera platform designed to support a feature and sensor set to easily build robust and powerful systems faster. It offers flexible link speeds as well as the ability to go beyond 5GigE performance and control data transfer to the host. With OEMs in mind, the Forge provides features for easy integration, a seamless upgrade path from 1GigE systems and supports a choice of SDK’s and GigE Vision compliant software packages.

Forge 5GigE


    Constructed on an all-new platform, Forge is designed to offer the richest combination of on-camera pre-processing features, leverage the industry’s most advanced sensors, and support the Trigger-to-Image Reliability (T2IR) framework for you to easily build robust systems.


    In addition to supporting link speeds of 1, 2.5, and 5GigE, the Forge offers burst mode to capture images at speeds up to 10Gb/s into memory. This combined with a 500 MB image buffer allows engineers to control data transfer without overwhelming the host.


    Designed to simplify OEM integration with features including PoE, strong thermal management and opto-isolated triggering for streamlined peripherals & easier camera control. Upgrade current system performance with Forge without changing your application software.
    Forge supports both Teledyne Spinnaker and Sapera SDKs and GigE Vision compliant software packages.

Interface Model MP Sensor Description Shutter Max Res Max FPS
FG-P5G-51S4C/M-C 5 MP Sony IMX537, 1/1.8″, 2.74 µm Global 2448 x 2048 122 FPS
FG-P5G-50S4C/M-C 5 MP Sony IMX547, 1/1.8″, 2.74 µm Global 2448 x 2048 120 FPS
FG-P5G-161S7M-C 16.1 MP Sony IMX542, 1.1″, 2.74 µm Global 5320 x 3032 52 FPS
FG-P5G-244S8C/M-C 24.5 MP Sony IMX540, 1.2″, 2.74 µm Global 5320 x 4600 25 FPS