Imaging Products

Our products are available in all interfaces which offers users the flexibility to select the most appropriate product for the required application and cost requirements.

USB 3.0

FLIR offers a full line of USB 3.0 products designed to address the demand for speed, reliability, and ease-of-use. This includes the entire imaging pipeline from cameras to the cables, host controller cards, drivers, and API’s.

In another innovative breakthrough, FLIR has developed its own proprietary USB 3.0 link layer IP which is implemented in an FPGA. We do not rely on third-party chip vendors. This means FLIR has complete control over the camera’s core technology giving us the ability to respond faster to customer feature requests and provide better customer service.

Gig-E (Giga-Ethernet)

This interface offers the data transfer rates up to 1000Mbit/s and the maximum cable length of 100m. We are proud to present to you the smallest Gig-E camera in the world – Flea3 (Gig-E).

Firewire (1394a)

Also known as FireWire 400, this interface has bus speed of 400 Mbits/s & is a good choice for multiple camera applications.

Firewire (1394b)
Firewire (1394b) Also known as FireWire 800, this interface maintains the strengths of Firewire 400 while offering new ones – Higher bandwidth & bus utilization; more cable types & longer distance; better industrial connector and loop healing for redundant connections.

USB 2.0

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0 standard provides a high bandwidth 480 Mb/s interface that is well-suited for digital imaging, and is one of the most well-established and popular serial interfaces in use. USB 2.0 ports are widely available on a variety of hardware platforms, including Macintosh and PC systems, and a variety of laptop, desktop, and small form factor (embedded) systems. This availability maximizes system compatibility and minimizes the need for add-in PCI or PCI Express interface cards.

Camera Link

Camera Link is a serial communication protocol standard for computer vision applications and relevant products including cameras, framegrabber cards and cables. It defines a complete interface which includes provisions for data transfer, camera timing, serial communications, and real time signaling to the camera. This interface boasts strengths like high bandwidth which assures transfer of files with no latency issues and easy product interoperability as compliant cameras and frame grabbers can easily be interchanged using the same cable.