Automated Guided Vehicle

Automated Guided Vehicle

Before automated guided vehicle (AGV), a lot of heavy lifting work in factories and warehouses rely on human labor and operated machines. The process is often time consuming and material stockpiles' capacity and location were often limited by the inefficiency to move raw materials.

Then came along the AGV, a computer controlled and wheel-based task-specific robot, designed and programmed for use in industrial applications such as inspection purposes or to move heavy materials in and around manufacturing facilities and warehouses. Their pre-programmed automation and the ability to move heavy materials means that storage stockpiles can be sorted efficiently while the area of manufacturing can be greatly expanded to dramatically boost overall productivity.

The wheel-based task-specific AGV robot navigate the grounds by means of a specific sensor (such as machine vision, laser, etc.) that is guided by markers, cables, lasers, magnets, object detection, etc. without colliding into obstructions. It goes without saying that the central controller in an AGV plays an vital role in its' movement and object recognition/ detection.

Automated Guided Vehicle Variants

Machine Vision, Geoguidance (Natural) Guidance

This method does not require modifications to environment as the AGV uses machine vision to record 360-degree imagery to build a 3D map by recognizing fixed objects in the environment, such as columns, racks and walls. This allows the AGV to operate along a trained route without assistance.

Inertial (Gyroscopic) Guidance

With the assistance of transponders embedded in the floor, the AGV follows the directions/ tasks given by a computer and follows the transponders.

Laser Target Guidance

By placing reflective tapes on the objects (eg. fixed walls, poles, machines, etc.), a laser transmitter/ receiver on a 360-degree rotating turret and a map of the operation area in the AGV, it is able to triangulate its relative position.

Magnetic or Colored Tape Guidance

The AGV can be guided using magnetic or colored tapes placed along the floor.

Wired Guidance

The AGV has a sensor installed near the bottom that follows the radio frequencies emitted by the cables placed into the floor.

Neousys System as AGV Control System

Neousys systems feature Intel Core i/ Atom processors, wireless WiFi, isolated DIO, serial ports, CAN bus, etc. The systems are designed to withstand shock up to 50 Grms (operating) and vibration up to 5 Grms (operating) and a wide operating temperature range of -40°C ~ 70°C. The CAN bus module and isolated DIOs are responsible for the motion and sensory controls for the AGV respectively.

Neousys Rugged DNA

True wide temperature operation capable

Compare to other manufacturer systems, we often hear our customers tell us that our systems hold its grounds extremely well, under harsh conditions, specifically under high temperature operation.

Shock and vibration proof

When in operation, the system is designed to withstand shock up to 50 Grms and vibration up to 5 Grms, ideal for various AGV use in factories and warehouses.

Built-in CAN bus

As a central controller, Neousys system have built-in CAN bus to control the motion and direction of the AGV.

Isolated digital IO and serial ports

Neousys system have multiple digital IO and serial ports to connect to sensors and actuators.

Wireless communication module

Neousys system come with the option of WiFi, 4G cellular modules or both in the system. They offer wireless communication with other nearby devices, central computer or cloud systems.

Currently in Service

Nuvo-5501 series

Nuvo-5501 series is serving as the controller unit in an inspection AGV at a power plant. The AGV is suited with infra-red sensors, machine vision and magnetic/ tape guidance technologies. The benefits of an AGV at the power plant is to replace manual field inspections to avoid exposure to hostile environment.


Nuvo-2510VTC is serving as the controller unit in a forklift AGV that is guided around the operating grounds by means of magnetic or colored tape. The forklift AGV is serving to move pallets of heavy goods, automotive components in and around the manufacturing assembly line and warehouse.